As the term 'Handarbeit' evokes the image of knitting ladies or men doing woodwork, we integrated 'do-it-yourself' instructables and step-by-step instructions into this years presentation.
Personal notes, drawings, ideas and sketches from 8 individual makers accompany the original work – 8 different necklaces.

Whereas in preindustrial times a manual served to exactly reproduce an object, people are now dared to copy a so called one-off, the personal handwriting and idea of the maker.

For the fourth time in a row a group of jewellery artists linked to the city of Amsterdam – which seems relatively north – teamed up to do a project in the context of 'Schmuck 08' in Munich.
'Handarbeit Nord' will be shown at the exhibition space Görres10.

Joining artists:

Jantje Fleischhut (NL/D)

Ineke Heerkens (NL)

Jeannette Jansen (NL/D)

Natalie Luder (CH)

Yu-Chun Chen(NL/TWN)

Ulrich Reithofer (NL/A)

Bas Bouman (NL)

Thomas Dierks (D)

Concept and organization: Jantje Fleischhut, Ineke Heerkens, Jeannette Jansen

To get your own step-by-step instruction, choose your favorite work and send a mail to the maker, subject 'handleiding' (not available before march 4th)


Jeannette Jansen 'HausNr1'. 2 pages

Ulrich Reithofer 'Das verräterische Herz ...'. 12 pages

Bas Bouman 'Missing flower'. 7 pages

Ineke Heerkens 'Maak de pinken vrij'.

Natalie Luder 'Berge bauen/Building mountains'. 9 pages

Jantje Fleischhut 'try flying//the necklace'. 6 pages

Yu-Chun Chen 'in-mpress'. 13 pages

A little 'extra'

Post-it anouncing the website

Entrance GÖRRES10

The show

Wallpaper 'Handarbeit Nord'

Necklaces on the wall

Wallpaper 'Instructons'

Presentation of the instructions on illustrated wall

People flipping through booklets

The opening night, 02/28/08

The necklaces

Ineke Heerkens 'Maak de pinken vrij'

lrich Reithofer 'Das verräterische Herz ...'

Bas Bouman 'Missing flower'

Yu-Chun Chen 'in-mpress'

Jeannette Jansen 'HausNr1'

Jantje Fleischhut 'try flying//the necklace'

Natalie Luder 'Berge bauen/Building mountains'

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